Protect Zangle Cove

Protect Zangle Cove

Wildlife on Zangle Cove and South Puget Sound

Brochures on Zangle Cove

Documents Related to the Application for the ChangMook Sohn Geoduck Farm in Zangle Cove

10/20/16 Map of Dana Passage Holden Operation

10/20/16 Holden Notice of Application, Dana Passage

10/17/16 Thurston Cnty Report for Hearings Examiner

09/16/16 Appellants Exhibit List for Hearing

09/16/16 Sohn Applicants Witness List for Hearing

09/16/16 Sohn Applicants Exhibit List for Hearing

09/02/16 Ruling on Applicants Motion To Dismiss

08/29/16 Second Dec Rosalind A Schoof

08/29/16 First Decl Marlene Meaders

08/29/16 Sohn Reply on Motion for Dismissal

08/22/16 Appellants Response to M2D and MSJ

08/11/16 Sohn First Decl Jessica Cote

08/11/16 Sohn First Decl Philip Bloch

08/11/16 Sohn First Decl Rosalind A Schoof

08/11/16 Sohn Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment

05/24/16 Notice of Appeal Sohn 201510880 MDNS

05/03/16 Sohn MDNS

03/07/16 PZC Comments on Recreation in Zangle Cove

03/03/16 PZC Comments – History of Concern

02/26/16 Sohn Confluence response to PZC comments

02/23/16 PZC Letter to Thurston Cnty Eelgrass in Zangle Cove

02/11/16 PZC Comment – Sohn App Incomplete

01/20/16 PZC Comment – Cumulative Impacts

01/11/16 Townsend Survey Issues Sohn Permit

11/20/15 Sohn/Conluence Comments on Sohn Geoduck Farm

04/01/15 ECY Comments on Sohn Project

03/30/15 PZC Ltr to Kantas Tideland Sales 1903-1927

03/12/15 Sohn Geoduck Farm Notice of Application

02/25/15 PZC Response to Biological Evaluation

02/19/15 Comments from Protect Zangle Cove on Eelgrass

01/26/15 Ltr from Townsends to Kantas Re Survey

01/08/15 ECY Comments on Sohn Project

12/15/14 Pacific NW Aquaculture/ACERA Biological Evaluation/

12/18/14 Sohn SEPA Environmental Checklist

12/18/14 Sohn JARPA Application

12/18/14 Sohn Master Application

09/01/14 US Dept Energy Eelgrass Restoration in Puget Sound Includes Zangle Cove

Other Documents