Protect Zangle Cove

Protect Zangle Cove

Photos Related to Industrial Aquaculture on Puget Sound Tidelands

Individuals through out Puget Sound have taken hundreds of photos of industrial geoduck aquaculture, the nets, PVC tubes, harvesting procedures, geoduck farm installation and planting. The shellfish industry cannot claim that this has no impact on the tideland, the benthic community and the aesthetic values of Puget Sound.

For those who have eyes to see, the problem is unequivocable.

Please Contact Gov. Jay Inslee

Tell Govenor Inslee you are opposed to the streamlining of permitting for shellfish aquaculture.

Contact WA Director of Ecology, Maia Bellon, 360-407-6989

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View the Coalition to Protect Puget Sound Habitat 2007 Powerpoint that highlights our concerns about industrial geoduck aquaculture. It is still applicable today.