Protect Zangle Cove

Protect Zangle Cove

About Us

We are a group of citizens living on or in the surrounding area of this wonderful cove, some for 50 years. We share Zangle Cove with many other creatures who came before us, including the Great Blue Heron family in the photo on the left. This log is on the property of the proposed industrial geoduck farm and if the permit is approved by Thurston County what will happen to future fledgling heron who call this tideland home?

We must be the caretakers of Zangle Cove for future generations of humans and for future generations of Great Blue Heron, Bald Eages and all the other critters who will be considered predators once the geoduck are planted.

There is something astonishing ill sighted about the drive of the shellfish industry with the support of Governor Inslee to fill up all available Puget Sound tidelands with 43,500 PVC tubes per acre, nets and a monoculture.

Please join with us in our effort to save the tidelands of Puget Sound in their natural condition.