Will pristine Zangle Cove become  like this Totten Inlet tideland with a proposed industrial geoduck farm?

           Our Mission                                                            
To protect the tideland of Zangle Cove from industrial geoduck aquaculture.

To preserve critical habitat on Puget Sound tidelands.

To support the US Dept of Energy and US EPA in their mission to protect and restore eelgrass in Zangle Cove, Joemma Beach and other tidelands in Puget Sound.

To educate all citizens about the nearshore habitat that is crucial to the food chain.

To inform legislators and county officials of the problems associated with industrial shellfish aquaculture on the tidelands and to encourage rulemaking to protect Puget Sound shorelines for both the enjoyment and recreation of citizens and for the native species who call these tidelands home.

  About Us                                        
        Action Agenda
Support the US Dept of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency in their mission to protect and restore eelgrass in Zangle Cove.  Read: Eelgrass Restoration in Puget Sound 2014.

Get involved in the Thurston County Master Shoreline Plan update. This will impact all marine and fresh water shorelines. Stakeholder and Regulatory meetings are ongoing. Learn more at the Thurston County SMP site.   

Please Join us!

Protect Zangle Cove is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  We welcome your contribution!

Send your tax-deductible gift to:
Protect Zangle Cove
PO Box 1786
Olympia, WA 98507
We are a group of citizens who reside in Boston Harbor on the shores of South Puget Sound.

We share this area with many creatures, including a Bald Eagle family which has lived here as long as anyone can remember and feeds on the tidelands that are proposed for the industrial geoduck farm.

We also want to protect the Great Blue Heron family that feeds in the shallow waters of the tidelands, along with the crabs, the wild salmon, forage fish, eelgrass, diving ducks and all the species who live in and around Zangel Cove. The tidelands are an irreplacable of this habitat.